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Everyone’s a winner! (for real)

So, I’ve been updating my website this year, and as I looked at your gorgeous faces, I thought, “Man, I’m seriously the luckiest photographer alive. I have worked with The Nicest people.” Then, I realized - your friends are probably just as amazing as you. Even if they’re only half as wonderful as you, that’s still pretty awesome. I’d LOVE to work with them!

get up to $500 per year.

It really is that simple. All you have to do is gush about your favorite day ever. When your friends book me, I’ll give you $50. Tell a lot of friends, and you could earn up to $500 per year. This offer is open to all of my clients, whether I photographed your wedding, your newborn, or your good hair day. Not my client, but want some cash? Book me here!


that’s right, dudes & dudettes!

Blab your face off about those photos you’ve plastered all over your wall…or your Facebook wall. For every friend who books a portrait session with me, you’ll get a $25 credit for your next session! They get great photos…you get great, discounted photos. Cool, huh?

Want a free session? start gushing.

It’s true…you can stack these credits up and earn a free portrait session for your family, your senior, your dog…the possibilities are endless. This offer is open to any of my current or previous clients. Want a credit, but you aren’t my client? Book me here!